Paul P.

(5 Stars)

Thank you Yelp!  There is no way I would have ever found this place but for doing a Yelp search after picking my wife up from the airport. This restaurant is tucked away in some what of an industrial area off the beaten path.

The restaurant is quaint and the decor made me feel like I was on a Caribbean Island somewhere. The staff was super Pleasant, and eager to have us there. We each ordered a breakfast bowl, with a coffee and one apple juice. The total bill came out to be around $13. This is not a bad deal for an incredible breakfast.

The food was cooked fresh to order, and it was ridiculously tasty! This may sound odd but the portion size was just right. It wasn’t a giant plate of food like I am accustomed to receiving when I order breakfast out, and it wasn’t a tiny saucer plate of food that I often see when I visit a fancy-schmancy place.

If you find yourself around the stadium at breakfast time this is a must-try establishment.  The staff is friendly, The Price is Right, the restaurant is clean and inviting, and the food… Oh yeah, the food is spot on.