YELP Hot Off The Press Elite Event & AJ’s Press

We hosted an event with Yelp Tampa Bay’s Elite group recently at AJ’s Press in Tampa called Tampa Bay Hot Off The Press. The Elite members joined us for a tasting in celebration of AJ’s Press being ranked #4 in the USA earlier this year by Yelp.

We enjoyed plenty of tasty eats and had a great time. We’re thankful to Yelp for all the support it has shown our business this past year! Check us out on the Yelp blog at:

Some excerpts:

Nick S.: “They served up a series of their sandwiches. Starting with a Cuban, a portobello veg pesto (who knew they had veg offerings???), a hot dog mustard and pickle sandwich, a fried chicken pressed sandwich and a brisket sandwich. They were all greatest. The combinations of ingredients were spot on. “

Lori B.: “AJ’s Cuban and the Crunchy Chicken pressed sandwiches were my favorites! Their Cuban has a great flavor, and even though its not a *true* Cuban sandwich, the taste is incredibly respectful to the original while being quite a unique sandwich on its own. The chicken in the Crunchy Chicken pressed sandwich was huge and amazingly juicy, with a crispy light breading.”

Uyen D.: “Everything was delicious but my all time favorite was the brisket- imagine a french dip sandwich almost without trying the dip juices all over you! The brisket was moist and flavorful and the relish gives a nice kick at the end! In addition the bowl was absolutely delicious – great option for those looking for something healthier. The bowl includes house made black beans with chicken, chipotle sauce and arugula!”

Owen B.: “Like most around me, the mushroom sandwich was the best of the night. It’s loaded with big hunks of portabella and topped with arugula and goat cheese. It was quite a unique taste and really impressive. I’ll be back soon for another!”

Read more:

Photographs were taken by Gerardo Luna Photography.

Here are some photos:

We’re honored to be ranked #4 in the USA!

Our lovely staff that helps make it all possible.

If you’re ever looking for catering for your event or want to have one at our shop please contact us! You can check out our catering menu here:

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